The Greenwood Military Aviation Museum Society is a Nova Scotia Joint Stock, non-profit organization.  The purpose of the Society is to support the 14 Wing Greenwood Museum  and  assist the museum  in the acquisition, preservation, protection, restoration, interpretation, research and display of artifacts pertaining to the military aviation history of Greenwood's units and personnel from 1941 to present day.. The Society is managed by 5 executive positions and 8 committees. Each of the committees is headed by a chairperson

Society Executive

President & CEO


Ex Officio Member:  GMAM General Manager

Society Committees

Public Relations Committee – Responsible for all Society public relations, including media interviews, press releases, and photography.

Volunteer Services Committee – Responsible for the recruitment and training of all volunteers for Museum support, Membership, the Web page and Commemorative/Memorial Stones.

Museum Displays Committee – Responsible for coordinating the creation, building and renovation of all Museum displays.

Artifact Care & Control (Accessioning) Committee - Responsible for accessioning, storage, good repair, and cleanliness of all Museum artifacts and associated documentation.

Heritage & Research Committee – Responsible for Museum heritage documents and research on Museum artifacts, Wing units and history.

Administrative Services Committee – Responsible for all Society administrative services including correspondence, manuals and terms of reference and for the maintenance of approved filing system.

Support Services Committee – Responsible for maintenance of all Museum storage areas, equipment and material; and for coordinating all Society support to Museum structure construction and renovation.

Projects Committee – Responsible for all assigned projects and for coordinating with the Chairperson, Volunteer Services Committee for Society support to assigned projects.