Memorial/commemorative stones are to remember family members who are deceased or for those presently serving or who have worked at Greenwood at any time since the founding of the base. Dads, moms, wives, and grandparents are remembered here in this beautiful, quiet setting.

Order a stone today, for only $125.00, for a lasting gift that will remind
you and your family of service here in the Annapolis Valley. Take a stroll
today along the picturesque walkway and see how many names are familiar to
you, of cohorts who have served with you during your tenure here at

Memorial/Commemorative Stones

Got a person on your gift list who is hard to buy for? Here's an exceptional gift idea that will last forever. The GMAM has a unique fundraiser, offering engraved granite stones for placement along the picturesque walkways lining the Gardens and pond overlooking the Air Park. To date, over 400 stones have been placed, representing past and present men and women who have been affiliated with Station Greenwood.