The Greenwood Military Aviation Museum consists of 4 buildings, an air park and gardens. The main part of the Museum is located in the Canex building and houses the displays and artifacts for public viewing. The extension that was added 2 years ago houses a fully restored Anson aircraft as well as a number of WWII artifacts. The restoration and warehouse share the one building but are in separate areas. The VPI Centre is a facility that is shared by the Museum and VP International.

 The Gardens in front of the VPI Centre has a number of monuments and memorials related to Greenwood aviation along with over 400 commemorative stones of individuals.

 The Air Park currently displays 10 aircraft that flew from Greenwood along with Ground Support Equipment, an Air Traffic Control Radar and an Observation Tower. Recently a Challanger, Hercules and Arcturus aircraft was added to the Air Park. Along with a recently restored H-44 Piasecki helicopter.

museum infrastructure