Greenwood Military Aviation Museum

C-45 Expeditor Update

Pete Sayers, left, will be 90; Bill Flinn, centre, will be 94; and the “youngster,” Bob Lorencz will be 78. All three Greenwood Military Aviation Museum volunteers share a wealth of Royal Canadian Air Force history and heritage.
The museum Expeditor restoration team recently had a visit from Chief Warrant Officer (retired) Sayers.
Sayers spent 35 years in the RCAF as a flight engineer, amassing 14,000 flight hours, starting on the North Star then moving to the Neptune, Argus and the Aurora. Greeting Sayers on the job site were a couple of his old cohorts, Master Warrant Officer (retired) Flinn and Captain (retired) Lorencz.
Flinn had 32 years in the RCAF, serving as an aero engine technician and flight engineer working on, among many others, the North Star, Lancaster, Argus and, his favourite, the Cosmopolitan. Lorencz had 31 years in the RCAF as an electrical tech air, instrument and electrical tech and an aerospace engineering officer, qualifying on the Tutor, T33, Expeditor, Argus, Aurora, CF104, and CF5 aircraft. Lorencz is also the museum’s Expeditor team leader.
These three gentlemen represent 98 years of combined service to the RCAF and Canada! All three are museum volunteers, sharing their experience and talents, preserving and teaching Base Greenwood's aviation history. Thank you, gentlemen, for all you do