Artifact Accessioning-Behind the Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of our archives, with detailed records taken of every donation by a group of dedicated volunteers, Mary Lou Graham, Joan Patrick, Gabrielle Gough!

With so many hard working volunteers, the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum is able to run smoothly and efficiently, in no small part due to the group of women within the society in charge of accessioning. The museum receives donations of all shapes and sizes, from aircraft parts, uniforms, log books and records, photographs and everything in between. Recording the information and history of these items is an incredibly important job and allows for the artifacts to be used within the museum in the future, used to trace military history and research, loaned to other museums, and to celebrate the rich history of 14 Wing Greenwood and Canadian aviation.

The archives contain thousands of artifacts, each catalogued and organized carefully by volunteers, using a computer system and logging by hand the significance of each item. Within the accessioning building, exhibits are put together, often using mannequins, images and personal stories to tie everything together. Every piece of history is either used on display, to do research or to answer inquiries about squadron or family heritage. For over 20 years, the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum has been taking donations of varying value and importance. Using them to craft meaningful exhibits and allow for visitors to take a step back in time and view Greenwood’s start as a Royal Air Force Station in 1942.

The process of accessioning starts with a donation from military personnel, family members and often other museums or 14 Wing Greenwood itself. The museum relies on these donations as well as the volunteers caring for them, creating a fascinating atmosphere within the museum, including meticulous exhibits, organization and unique stories, describing a past never seen before. Come on in and take a walk through history!