Greenwood Military Aviation Museum


Accessions Team
Greenwood Military Aviation Museum Accession Team is chaired by Mary Lou Graham, co-chaired by Joan Patrick and ably assisted by volunteer Gabrielle Gough. These three ladies have orchestrated this critical Museum function for many years. Over the 20-some years of the Museum's existence thousands of artifacts have been added to its collection, from the gigantic Argus aircraft on display in the Air Park to a small plastic ring crafted from the cockpit window of a crashed Hudson bomber by an RAF Airman stationed here at Greenwood during the War.

​When items are received, many by individual or family donations or received from another Museum and sometimes purchased, the ladies spring into action. The article is assessed and catalogued, then a determination is made to put it into storage for future use or put on display within the Museum. Some items are challenging and require further research as to date and use. These unsung volunteers are typical of the many who do what is necessary to keep the Museum's wheels turning; they are well deserving of everyone's respect and appreciation.