Flashback - 2004

Lancaster Tail Turret ​removed for restoration    Photos

A brief summary of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) from which 14 Wing Greenwood has its origins.   ​​VIDEO

Unique interactive map that provides details ​of the aircraft accidents flown out of Greenwood during World War II.

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A modification on the Canadian version of the H-44 helicopter was a life raft and survival gear located just behind the cockpit, with access on the port side. Greg, Larry (and Peter) have extracted the modification panel from a salvaged piece of the 592 front fuselage and now begin a major reconstruction of the U.S. H-21 front fuselage. Paul, Don and Mac have refurbished the nose gear by completely disassembling, cleaning and painting. Refurbished wheels and rims are waiting for new tires to arrive


How this unique cancellation stamp came to be. STORY