Greenwood Military Aviation Museum Society Annual Meeting

25 October 2016 at 2000 hours (8:00 pm)
in the Museum Conference Room
All Society members are invited to attend the AGM; any current member, as of 01 Oct 2016, may vote and may be nominated for membership to the Board of Directors. Such nominations must be sent/emailed to the AGM Chairman, Ian Patrick, c/o the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum, 151 Ward Road, PO Box 786, Greenwood, NS   B0P 1N0 or no later than 18 Oct 2016.

Wings & Wheels 2016

A Hugh Success

Col Pat Thauberger, left and LCol Brendan Cook, right unveil the Op Impact , highlightin the Wing's current operation in the Middle East.  LCol Cook led the first detachment and is featured.  Bert Campbell, HCol of 405 Sqn looks on.

Remembering Ron Hill With Museum Dedication.   Story

Greenwood Art Association

Op Impact Painting Presentation