The nose of the Lancaster has been

​reattached. PHOTOS by Malcolm Uhlman

Late last week Sqn. Ldr. C.S.M. (Scott) Anderson passed away after a short illness at his home in Ireland. Scott served as a Pilot/Captain on Avro Shackleton’s before becoming Officer Commanding BBMF The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight from 1982 to the end of 1985 when he retired from the R.A.F. and followed another career in civil aviation. As O.C. BBMF he was also the Captain of Lancaster PA474 which he displayed with skill and panache. Many thousands of people would have seen his displays over those years and hopefully remember them fondly. 



With so many men fighting overseas in the armed forces and with factories pushing for more production, the Canadian government actively urged women to work in the war effort.



The Women of Aviation Worldwide Week Community provides a meeting area for like minded people to make new friends, keep in touch with old ones, share ideas, work on common projects and support participants in their endeavors.

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