Unique interactive map that provides details ​of the aircraft accidents flown out of Greenwood during World War II.

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​Pictured in above photo (L-R)​ Maj Allan Baillie, GMAM Gen Mgr; Ms. Kathy Badcooke, Teacher; Morgan van der Hoogen, Gd 6 Student;  BGen Perry Matte (retd), President/Co-Chair GMAM.

The New Minas - Evangeline Middle School (EMS) 2018 Flight Education (FltEd) Visit occurred at the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum (GMAM) on Wed 28 Feb 18.  Fifty-nine (59) Grade six students, teachers and escorts participated.  Student, Morgan van der Hoogen, was identified as the 8000th participant on this program since it started 16 years ago. 

To commemorate this milestone the GMAM Society President, BGen Perry Matte (retd), presented teacher, Ms. Kathy Badcooke, with a book for the school library written by Col Herb Smale (retd) entitled "RCAF Avro Lancster KB839".  The book is an historical narrative about this distinctive Lancaster aircraft that is on display in the GMAM air park in its refurbished WWII configuration.  The book is intended to help the students relate to the historical significance of this unique museum display.  In his presentation to the students Mr. Matte highlighted the importance of the FltEd Program to their learning about flight, and was particularly pleased about the close cooperation between the Valley schools and the museum.  He pointed out that what they were learning about was over 75 years of aviation history, the changing technology and significant events related to the Greenwood base.  He also stressed that their understanding of the many technological changes in aviation could possibly help them make career choices in the future and wished them well as they continue with their education.  

The General Manager, Major Allan Baillie, also acknowledged this milestone by presenting student Morgan van der Hoogen with a GMAM T-shirt and congratulating him on being the 8000th participant in the GMAM FltEd Program.

Photo and article by
Lloyd Graham
FltEd Pgm Coord


   The Greenwood Art Association will be unveiling a painting to honour LGen Paddy O'Donnell on          Tuesday, 27 March at 1100hrs. at the Greenwood Military Aviation Museum. All are welcome

The 8,000th Flight Education Student