Lancaster June 2017 Update

Bolingbroke June 2017 Update

Unique interactive map that provides details ​of the aircraft accidents flown out of Greenwood during World War II.

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Newest addition to the Air Park......a 1950's Mercury Aircraft Tug. Butch Fleury, Ernie Killen, Keith Brenson and Jim Phillips (Andrew McNutt missing) are shown here putting the finishing touches on the display which will include a bomb cart and simulated bombs.

New Exhibit

​Ansul Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

1950's Mercury Aircraft Tug ​Complete

Final Bolingbroke/Blenheim restoration update for the summer....the big news is that we now have one Mercury XV engine obtained from Ottawa Museum....the starboard wing repair has begun with new stringers and then rib repair on the top surface. Many bullet holes are being cut out and flush patched. These were not battle related holes but no doubt Albertan young marksmen! 😊 The Boly team will see you all in the fall. Happy summer!


Lancaster reconfiguration project update.....It's "glazing" time in the workshop. Dave and Perry with a little help from Gary are cutting pieces from the blown Plexiglass bubble and fitting these into the cupola frame of the mid upper turret. Chris and Gary are fitting an aluminum form to use as a molding for a Plexiglass panel in the rear turret. Looks like a bright clear future ahead!

The latest Museum exhibit, an Ansul Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, circa 1950. A big thanks to Ron Shano, an H-44 volunteer for arranging this great addition. Our restoration project H-44 Helicopter #592 is shown here carrying an identical apparatus in this photo here at Greenwood around 1960.

Piasecki/Vertol H-44 Helicopter restoration update....all eight internal fibreglass window frames have been repaired and reinstalled. Two blackout curtains have been refurbished and installed for display....interestingly, one is from a Piasecki and the other is from a Vertol bird. Paul has the major repair of the front end damage completed. Mike and Mac are working in repairing the external hoist and the rear cargo door. Greg and Peter are repairing the first of three fiberglass sync shaft covers which includes internal lighting and heat conduits. Larry has finished the radio/electronics area just behind the pilots seat.