Unique interactive map that provides details ​of the aircraft accidents flown out of Greenwood during World War II.

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Flashback - 2004

Piasecki/Vertol H-44 Helicopter update.

Larry has finished painting the main landing gear struts and is cleaning the wheel assemblies......Mike is cleaning the wheel assemblies of the front steering wheel......Peter and Greg have cleaned and prepped the entire inside bottom of the forward fuselage and covered with temporary plywood for a solid workspace to begin repair of the forward fuselage.....Don and (Mac) have disassembled the forward steering assembly, cleaned and paint stripped and are ready for reassembly and repainting.

Lancaster Tail Turret ​removed for restoration    Photos

Courtesy of Marc Bongaerts

How this unique cancellation stamp came to be. STORY

A brief summary of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) from which 14 Wing Greenwood has its origins.   ​​VIDEO