Unique interactive map that provides details ​of the aircraft accidents flown out of Greenwood during World War II.

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New Exhibit

​Ansul Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

Restoration Update

Slow, but steady progress in the workshop with many folks away. Mike and Mac have refurbished the external hoist of the H-44 helicopter and are dry fitting it. Peter is doing a bangup job refurbishing a cockpit fuse box. Chris is fitting another window on the Lancaster rear turret using the old, taped together pane as an aid.


The latest Museum exhibit, an Ansul Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher, circa 1950. A big thanks to Ron Shano, an H-44 volunteer for arranging this great addition. Our restoration project H-44 Helicopter #592 is shown here carrying an identical apparatus in this photo here at Greenwood around 1960.