The Flight Education Team For 2017

It goes without saying, this was an unusual and busy year due to the teacher work-to-rule decisions and of course the weather.
All of it combined played itself out in many schedule changes, ultimately creating the back-to-back schedule of Wed/Thur to get us finished in mid-April.

Our team this year was great to work with and we had 100% support for getting this done with all schools for the students.  I would quickly add that all of the teachers were also definitely supportive in making it work for their classes. Amazing how things seem to work when there is cooperation, communication and support.

From my perspective it was a great year with several new volunteers on board to help the old guard and some new focus on the basics of flight.   As we all know this program just won’t work without a good cadre of interested, dedicated and motivated volunteers.  We have that in spades and although we seem to have too many folks at times it tends to work out with peripheral training opportunities for everyone which give us more flexibility when the inevitable health, family, work, travel issues create holes in the program.  From everyone’s positive response, looks like we should have a 2018 FltEd Team for next year.  All the schools are interested as well which speaks volumes in the way everyone keeps contributing to this program and keeps it on the rails.

I would like to thank the staff for ensuring the museum opening and equipment setup for us was done early.  This is critical to getting started on time.  The auto-warning system for Group changes worked perfect again this year thanks to Capt Keith Cusson who set it up for us. 

To Sophie Saulnier, a big thank you for taking the initiative, time and effort  in designing a FltEd Patch and name tag for our jackets.  I have her final design we agreed on and will take it to the Society Board for approval in May.  

For info. I thought I’d include some stats on this year’s program: 

Stats for 2017

a.   514 students/teachers/escorts in 2017

b.   7 schools in 10 sessions + 2 vol practise sessions. Seven cancelled for work to rule and two rescheduled for weather.

c.      Started with 29 vol inst. (5 civ, 4 mil, 20 retd mil) lost  three.

d.      Avg of 18.4 instructors/session (18.4 x 12 sessions) = 221 volunteers

e.      221 vols x 3.5 hours = 773.5 vol hours = Avg of 42 hours / vol.

f.        Total students/teachers/escorts in 14 years -= 7635


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